IMAGINE was founded by Naofumi AOYAMA in 2009,and located in JAPAN Osaka Studio


Our studio concept is” Making new relationships people/environment/ to products”.

It means “change the viewpoints , rethink standard things, etc…. .

Our Activity:

We can design from small products(pencils) to big one( automotive),and join to some design competitions.


IMAGINE has 11 people. All member belong to automotive company “DAIHATSU”,and every member have special skills for design.

For exemple , exterior car styling design,interior car styling design, clay modeling , Degital 3D modeling, Concept and Marketing. IMAGINE was made by Those professional people.

Main organisation:

Naofumi AOYAMA (Boss) Keisuke OKADA (Design Director) Yuki KUBOTA (Chief Degital 3D Modeler) Minoru OCHI (Chief 2D and Wed builder)